Body of Christ, Have We Lost our Focus?


In high school, I played Lacrosse and ran Cross Country. The coaches would say if we lost, “you guys didn’t focus.”  That would be his response 9/10.  I would get so mad when I heard that.  “I did so focus, I tried my absolute best to win.”  Looking back, he was right.  Maybe I was focused, but it wasn’t on the right thing.  For example, I wanted to be the one to score but there was another teammate in a better position than I was to score.


We lose when our focus is not on the right goal.


As Christians…


We have lost our focus. 


According to the Christian Index, it has been reported recently that the SBC baptisms are the lowest since 1946…yet church planting is the highest it’s ever been.  How is this so?!


We have lost our focus.


I will dare say the following statements…


Church Planting is not our focus.

“Discipleship” is not the focus.

Getting a degree (academics) is not our focus.

Getting more people to sit in pews is not our focus.

Small groups are not our focus.


These are all good, and for the most part important, but not our focus.


So, what is our focus?




If we are not focused on this, all else falls through the cracks.


Soul-winning (making disciples) is the foundation for all the things we do as the body of Christ.


We can do discipleship, but if we are not doing it to win more souls and teach others to do the same, we are missing something vital.


||||This was the focus of Jesus||||


John 19:10 states, “for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” This my brother and sister, is the focus of Jesus.


The context of this verse is when Jesus was speaking to Zacchaeus (cue the song “Zacchaeus was a wee little man; a wee little man was he…).  Zacchaeus was a tax collector, hated by pretty much everyone in the community.  I will not get into all of the details of the passage, but it is sufficed to say that Jesus was focused on reaching Zacchaeus.


The people complained about Jesus doing this.  They hated him, they thought Jesus was ludicrous for talking to Zacchaeus. Yet after Zacchaeus had a 100% life change, Jesus stated what his focus was in Luke 19:10.


Jesus was all about seeking and saving the lost…and so should we.


Now remember, I did not say many of the things we are doing in our churches is wrong, they are good things (most of them).  What I am saying is that I believe we have lost the soul-winning aspect of them.


How can we keep our focus on soul-winning?


  • Scripture

We cannot share what we do not know.  We know our Savior and Lord better through His Word. But we should not be so about this that we stay in our Christian bubble and not get in the field that is ripe for harvest.

  • Pray

Pray for God to give you the desire to witness. Pray for God to give you someone to witness to.  Pray for boldness when the fear or worries crowd your mind about soul-winning.

  • Just do it!

Simply put, just go out and reach people for Jesus!!  Will there be times when people turn you away? Yes, but keep going!  Will you make mistakes?  Yes, but keep learning!


The very last thing Jesus told His disciples was that they would be witness all over the world.  They turned the world upside down for the gospel (Acts 17:6).


When we are focused on winning souls for Jesus Christ, we too will turn this world upside down for the GOSPEL.

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